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Park Farm

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Inspiring and educating children about sustainability and the natural environment through exciting hands-on experiences including school camp, summer camp, workshops and forest school. Based in Cornwall, our focus is green education, and our mission is to reconnect and engage children with the natural world, inspiring them to live more sustainably. 

Meet the team

Get to know the team at camp and the talented & skills practitioners who join them

Meet the team

Once a teacher who then retrained in conservation work as a countryside warden, I am a storyteller who also works in role to bring places alive. At Camp Kernow I blend folklore, country lore and humour to help people look at the natural world with fresh eyes.

Megan Adams camp kernow forest school

Claire Coombe: Director and Operations Manager

I once read that to identify your true vocation in life, you should think back to what really interested you as a child of 8 yrs old- what floated your boat so to speak before outside influences took hold. I spent my childhood climbing trees, rooting around in the garden for bugs, hanging on David Attenborough's every word and looking after my myriad of pets! My awareness of environmental issues came later, first as a Landscape Architect and then, working in the charity sector, facilitating overseas development projects.

Charlie and I developed Camp Kernow as  a place where children can discover and explore the natural environment and engage with sustainability in a hands-on way. Together with Charlie I am responsible for the ongoing development of the organisation. I oversee operations at camp and ensure we bring together a rich mix of highly skilled and trained practitioners to deliver exciting and innovative activities. I'm also trained as a Forest School Practitioner leading activities such as firelighting & campfire cooking.


Charlie Nicholson: Director and Centre Manager

I'm responsible for the day-to day running of camp and ongoing site development. My previous experience as a sculptor and furniture maker has been invaluable in realising the built element of the centre and I also lead the Future Roots Project in schools. I'm a trained power kiting, archery and climbing instructor and also teach children green woodworking skills. 



Mark Harandon: Storyteller

Once a teacher who then retrained in conservation work as a countryside warden, I am a storyteller who also works in role to bring places alive.  At Camp Kernow I blend folklore, country lore and humour to help children look at the natural world with fresh eyes.


Angie Nash: Bushcraft Instructor

I’m a wildlife tracker and have tracked polar bears in the Arctic, orangutans through Borneo and lions through South Africa. I run my own business, Panash Adventures, which takes people to live with indigenous tribes to share earth based skills and traditional knowledge whilst monitoring the local wildlife for conservation. At camp I teach animal tracking, natural navigation and fire by friction skills.



Marcus Harrison: Wild Food Instructor

Marcus is a UK authority and specialist on wild foods and runs the 'Wild Food School' in Cornwall. When he's not writing books on the subject, or leading courses for adults he can be found here at camp, introducing children to foraging and cooking up foraged ingredients in the kitchen such as stinging nettle and fat hen tortilla!


Megan Adams: Forest School Leader

As a Forest School Leader I get to have daily adventures with the young people and adults I work with. Experimenting with many of the amazing resources nature has to offer, to sculpt, craft and invent new things from our environment. I also love to share my knowledge of old techniques and traditional skills with young people, with the aim of inspiring them to believe in their own abilities and think differently about how we can make the most of natural resources in a sustainable way. 


We are joined in our work by further instructors and practitioners who are experts in their field along with a team of committed volunteers who help with all aspects of the organisation from green fingered gardeners to trainee teachers.