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Inspiring and educating children about sustainability and the natural environment through exciting hands-on experiences including school camp, summer camp, workshops and forest school. Based in Cornwall, our focus is green education, and our mission is to reconnect and engage children with the natural world, inspiring them to live more sustainably. 

Summer Environmental Adventure Blog

Environmental Adventure Day 2 - Archery, silk screen printing and natural dyeing

Claire Coombe

Today we woke up to blue skies and dined alfresco on fluffy pancakes straight off the griddle full of fresh berries, bananas and raisins. After breakfast it was time to get into activity groups for the day and get started. Some went to the Archery range where Charlie was waiting to teach them how to shoot a bow and arrow safely and with precision! There's a lot to think about from how to load the arrow, which hand to hold the bow in depending on your dominant eye and just how far to pull the string back in order to propel the arrow towards the target!      

Others headed out for a forage along the hedgerows with Briony searching for plants which can yield pigment for dyeing. After collecting a selection of leaves, petals, buds and seeds it was time to head back to base and use them to dye a strip of silk which, after being bundle dyed, was transformed into a beautiful and vibrantly coloured bandana.

Ella was also on site today with paints, silk screens, squidgies to create a mobile silk screen print studio where environmental adventurers were able to make bespoke, hand designed and silk screen printed t-shirts to take home.

A hearty dinner of bangers of mash was cooked up by the chefs and some campers enjoyed their first ever experience of eating courgette which was harvested fresh from the garden. After dinner it was time to head out on a dusk walk - we had intended to see some bats but got more than we bargained for when we bumped into the Woodsman and were lead on a journey through the forest, learning about the trees as we went before arriving by the lake where the Woodsman shared a very special story with everyone. Tomorrow Tristan will arrive ready to do some forging and Tree will return with her trapeze to teach some aerial dance skills. We'll also be stone carving, making Bushcraft projectiles and green woodworking. Time to get some sleep ahead of another busy day! 

Environmental Adventurers unite!

Claire Coombe

Environmental Adventurers from across the globe arrived at camp today ready to begin an action packed, off-grid, fun filled six days of summer camp. It's wonderful to bring together young people from across the world to share this off-grid experience and learn from one another. Those from the South East had an early start aboard the 08:22 from Paddington Station and the journey was a great opportunity to make some new friends along the way. 

The afternoon began with some games to to get to know fellow campers and a tour to discover how we can live here off-grid in balance with nature. After moving into sleeping structures and learning how the composting toilets work it was time for the first harvesting and cooking crews to get to work preparing a delicious dinner for everyone.    

A dusk meditative walk got everyone thinking about the importance of being in the moment and connecting with nature. We learned some techniques which can help us focus, be in the moment and really experience it rather than have our minds elsewhere thinking of past events or wondering about whats to come tomorrow. Being in nature can be an incredibly powerful and positive experience for our wellbeing if we take the time to appreciate it.

Everyone was excited for their first night under canvas (or in an upturned boat!) and the chance to get tucked up in sleeping bags and chat with follow tent mates! Tomorrow we can look forward to designing and silk screen printing t-shirts, shooting bows and arrows and discovering how we can create natural pigments from plants.